Burnt orange in colour, this Cerasuolo offers a cooked cherry aroma, with a background of wood spice. It sees time in barrels, which gives a bit of breadth to the feel, with flavours of soft red cherry and savoury, nutty spice marking the palate.

    VINTAGE: 2017

    GRAPE VARIETY: Montepulciano

    PAIRINGS: traditional dishes such as borage fritters, pork roast, buffalo mozzarella, seafood and white meat.

    75cl  C$33.00 plus 13% HST          

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles



    Straw yellow wine with green tinges. Strong and lingering to nose, a fantastic fruity bouquet with scents of peach and apricots, citrus and green apple aromas blend with floral notes. It is an explosion of sensations in the mouth, confirming the aroma experience. 

    VINTAGE: 2016

    GRAPE VARIETY: Riesling

    PAIRINGS: aperitifs, appetizers in general, carpaccio, seafood risotto and white meat.

    75cl  32.00 plus 13% HST 


    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 


    Ruby red wine with brilliant shades of scarlet, intense and lingering, and characterized by a great delicacy. This wine is obtained by delicate grape processing and long maceration of the skin, which has a pleasing body mouth-feel. It is thick, enveloping and deep. Notes of morello cherry, liquorice, and berries elegantly characterize the wine, suitable for different dishes from seafood to red meat.

    VINTAGE: 2015

    GRAPE VARIETY: Montepulciano D'Abruzzp

    PAIRINGS: seafood to red meat.

    75cl  C$32.00 plus 13% HST   

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 



    The color of this wine is… intensely and profoundly red. It is obtained from the long maceration of the skin. A well-structured body wine with full and lingering aroma, notes of red fruit, spices, and dried fruit. The fragrance is long-standing combining with reference taste to grape jam, vanilla, cacao and black pepper. 

    VINTAGE: 2012

    GRAPE VARIETY: Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

    PAIRINGS: cheese based dishes, savoury red meats and roasts.

    75cl  C$45.00 plus 13% HST   

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 

Family tradition, entrepreneurial skills

The story I want to tell you is that of a deep relation between a man and a young boy, father and son, who worked the land together and shared the same passion.
I am Giulia Di Sipio and this is the story of the Di Sipios’ company, founded eighteen years ago by my uncle Nicola.
Nicola was a young man when he left his hometown to get off the ground and succeed in life. Vision, intuition, genius typical to the abruzzese people, all these features allowed him to start his own metal-mechanic company, a long and well-stablished company. That made it possible for him to go back to his origins to fulfill an old dream, the one related to the lands that had witnessed his father’s tough work as well as his delicate childlike hands: the dream was to acquire that same estate, where he went to harvest together with his parents, 70 hectares of land where to produce High Quality Wines and Sparkling Wines.
Today the Azienda Nicola Di Sipio has crossed the national borders and has 35 pilled hectares, 7 cultivated grape varieties and 12 bottled labels. More than 120.000 bottles are exported worldwide. This success is rooted in that land which lies between the sea and the mountain and where our grapes are picked and processed into our wines: good synthesis of land, grape variety and man’s hand.

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