"tenuta del fant"

    The grapes are selected in the vineyard first in June through a rigorous fruits thinning and later by harvesting choosing the only ripe and gold grapes. Persistent and typical it expresses aromatic scents of grape and citrus fruits with delicate sage notes.
    On palate it is sweet and soft, with a light effervescent which exalts its freshness.

    GRAPE VARIETY: Moscato D'Asti

    PAIRINGS: hazelnut cakes and leavened pastries.

    75cl  C$33.00 plus 13% HST          

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles



    Dry white wine produced with 100% Arneis grapes.
    The sandy soil and the particular microclimate of the area on the left bank of the Tanaro river give to this wine intense mineral and fruity notes.
    On palate it is fresh and warm, persistent, strengthened by a fair acid vein.

    VINTAGE: 2016


    PAIRINGS:  fish and hors-d'oeuvres.

    75cl  35.00 plus 13% HST 


    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 


    Produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes in the homonymous estate in Alba. After a severe selection the grapes macerates in contact with the skin/dregs. The wine rests for an year in 30 Hl Slavonic oak barrels into the fresh and dark barrique cellar. It is the great result of marvelous red fruit perfumes with ample notes of plum and sour black cherry. On palate it is rich, elegant with sweet and soft tannins.

    VINTAGE: 2016

    GRAPE VARIETY: Nebbiolo

    PAIRINGS: game and tasty meat dishes.

    75cl  C$45.00 plus 13% HST          

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 


    Produced with 100% Barbera grapes. This Barbera wine which matures in steel vats for six months, exactly expresses the pleasant freshness and fruitfulness which describe this vine and the good structure and softness make it extremely pleasant.

    VINTAGE: 2017

    GRAPE VARIETY: Barbera D'Asti

    PAIRINGS: It is the classic "happy hours" wine, suitable with canapés and sliced ham and salami.

    75cl  C$32.00 plus 13% HST   





    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 



    Solo wine is a red wine produced with 100% Pinot Nero firm bunch grapes. It grows in vineyards situated in Agliano Terme and in Calosso that it can best express its quality of full-bodied, sturdy but also elegant and elaborate wine. It rests for ten months in little French oak barrels. Ruby red colour, ample and intense on nose with ripe fruits, cloves and pepper scents. On palate it is intense, soft and persistent with elegant and velvety tannins which make the wine pleasant and harmonious.

    VINTAGE: 2016

    GRAPE VARIETY: Pinot Nero

    PAIRINGS: cheese, red meats and with particular fish dishes.

    75cl  C$39.00 plus 13% HST          

    Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 

Tenuta Il Falchetto

The Fornos have a long history in Santo Stefano Belbo, documented as early as the mid-1600's. Still today, maps of the area show the Forno farmstead, also known as Il Falchetto Estate. They are a family of winegrowers and winemakers, devoted to the vine and to wine for four generations. Pietro Forno began producing Moscato in 1940. At the end of the 70s Pietro passes the reins to the children Natalino and Luigi, who renewed the cellar and introduce advanced equipment for the processing of grapes and fermentation, improving and honing techniques, always in the maximum respect for tradition and the land.

Il Falchetto Today

Today the Tenuta Il Falchetto Estate, proudly managed by brothers Giorgio, Fabrizio and Adriano Forno, includes three estates Cuneo province in the small towns of Santo Stefano Belbo and Castiglione tine and three In Asti Province in the small towns of Agliano Terme and Calosso, where there are cultivated nine different varieties of vineyards, some typical of the area and some international .

Each cycle of the vineyards cultivation is carefully followed from the winter pruning to the summer thinning of the grapes, handmade method made to obtain the control of the quantity and the quality of the grape produced from each single vine. In this way the grapes left reach an uniform ripeness and prove to be far richer in aroma and colour. The grape picking is done manually in all the vineyards. The philosophy of Il Falchetto estate is that to produce only top quality wines and grant their clients to find in every bottle the highest expression of that wine produced from that single vineyard.

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