Still Red wine, full bodied and intense, with hints of berries and ripe fruit, aged in wooden barrels. Rosso del Soprano, which is produced from grapes of the native vines, is a charming and elegant wine that holds flavors and delicious and pervasive ancient fragrances. 


GRAPE VARIETY: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera

PAIRINGS: appetizer, cured meat, cheeses, pasta, red meat

75cl  C$55.00 plus 13% HST 

Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles




Faro Palari is a little treasury wine of the extreme eastern tip of Sicily. Twenty years have passed since the day when the brothers Salvatore and Giampiero Geraci, becoming aware of the potential that could express the 4-hectare family vineyard, decided to save the name “Faro” and restore dignity to a wine nearly extinct.

Faro Palari is  intense and elegant scents of rd fruit, jasmine, graphite, violets and warm spices, very well-balanced and deep, aged for 18 months in new barriques


GRAPE VARIETY: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera

PAIRINGS: red and wild meat, spicy cheese, pasta in meat sauce

75cl  C$99.00 plus 13% HST 

Orders only by the case or mixed case of 6 bottles 



Nestled on the hills overlooking the town on Messina, in north-eastern Sicily, Palari's vineyards have been cultivated by the Geraci's family for generations, in what is considered one of Italy's smallest appellations: the Faro DOC. In the late 1980s Salvatore Geraci, an Architect specialized in restructuring and preserving historical palaces and villas, took over his Family's vineyards with a clear goal: restore the winemaking reputation of this small Sicilian appellation, renowned since the Romans for making fine wines. The geographical location, on the north-eastern tip of Sicily constantly swiped by marine winds, and the terraced vineyards on sandy and limestone soils, provide for a rather unique setting for the native grapes grown in this area: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera, Acitana, Calabrese, Core e'Palumma, Tignolino, Galatena...Since their first release in 1990, the wines of Palari have received international acclaim, and are considered an integral part of the Sicilian "Winemaking Renaissance" that begun in the 1980s. Palari's wines have an unmistakable mediterranean personality, and are considered among Italy's finest.

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