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View of Mount Vesuvio from Gragnano, Naples, Campania, Italy

As for all the stories, this one too has its own main characters, starting from the forefather of three generations of pasta makers: Giuseppe Di Martino. Due to financial difficulties, Giuseppe started to learn how to make the ‘white gold’ when he was a child. In 1907, when he was just 10, he started to work in a pasta factory whose owner didn’t have sons to hand down his experience. Soon Giuseppe became ‘chief of short pasta’. When the owner understood that he could trust him, he decided to leave him his factory. Hence in 1912 Pastificio Di Martino was born and then, as well as nowadays, it was the first pasta factory to welcome people entering Gragnano.

Our production plant is placed in Gragnano, in the extraordinary Sorrento Coast. Surrounded by Lattari Mountains and characterized by the mild climate and the presence of sea breeze, this ancient city benefits from particularly ideal conditions for the production of dry pasta.

Thanks to its over 500 years of history in the production of high-quality durum wheat pasta, Gragnano is known worldwide as the European Capital of Pasta. In 2013 its ‘white gold’ has gained the Protected Geographical Indication, hence becoming the first quality recognition assigned to pasta in Italy.