Garganega White Wine Vinegar from Anfora.

As the only vinegar factory participating in the "AN son miga FORA" project (where 12 winemakers from Romagna experimented with the vinification of their grapes in amphora), in September 2013 we started to acetify at natural temperature inside the terracotta amphora imported from Georgia, some wine from Garganega di Angiolino Maule grapes. In parallel, the same wine was put in barrique in order to check for any differences at the end of the journey. After 2 years of acetification and refinement, the differences are evident. Thanks to the amphora, the minerality of the starting wine has been preserved and amplified. Always pure, undiluted, with a broad aroma and a fascinating color.

Acetaia San Giacomo Aceto di Vino da Anfora

  • Emilia Romagna, Italy