Large pasta shells are shaped like snail shells (Hence the name!). They are big enough to take quite a lot of filling inside and can even be eaten as finger food! Snail shell pasta is great for stuffing!



Pastificio Faella was founded in 1907 by Gaetano Faella. He devoted himself body and soul to centuries of art in Gragnano. Knowing how to make good durum wheat semolina pasta. In 1919, under the management of his son Mario Faella, the small company Pastificio Faella moved to its current headquarters in Piazza Marconi, better known as Piazza S. Leone. Pastificio Faella is continued today by the grandchildren with unchanged passion, skill and commitment.
Thanks to the ancient history of pasta, the name Pasta di Gragnano has been recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) at European level since October 2013.

Faella Lumaconi di Gragnano

  • Campania, Italy