Passata di Pomodorino del Piennolo DOP (Piennolo Tomato purèe) - Giolì


It is in the period of its greatest splendor, Freshly harvested almost: the Pomodorino del piennolo del Vesuvio.

Garden, saporito, with a characteristic pronounced tip, This magnificent gift of the Vesuvius area protected by the PDO tables welcomes summer, but it keeps well for months.

The land business, in the Di Giacomo family for generations, They are located 

San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, half way between Mount Somma and the sea. There the remains of the last eruption of Vesuvius still see the 1944; However, it is from this volcanic soil rich in minerals and low in calcium that the tomato piennolo draws its characteristics.


The tomato varieties cultivated by Di Giacomo, their chosen and renewed in time, is called, appunto, Giolì. It grows only in specific plots, particularly suited.
Rosso, Crisp, thick-skinned that encloses all the organoleptic characteristics and allows the conservation, GIOLI the tomato is characterized by the initial sweetness, combined with the minerality and acidity elegant and persistent finish.


The transplanting of seedlings takes place in March and April, while the picking begins in late June and early July, according to the climatic. For the success of the tomato piennolo, We need that from June onwards the weather is dry, in order to avoid cracks on berries.

The work is done manually, from planting to harvest. A part of the production is intended for processing (past or pacchetelle), while the most perfect specimens are used to realize the "piennoli", twisted bunches around a twine. Angelo is the continuer of this ancient handicraft.
Hanging in a dry place, and piennoli (letteralmente, pendants) also they keep for several months.

Giolì - Passata di Pomodorino del Piennolo DOP (Piennolo Tomato purèe)

  • Campania, Italy