Semi-sundried cherry tomatoes from Puglia (preserved in Oil and herbs)


The Libera Terra Organic Apulian Cherry Tomatoes are grown, on the ground and in the open field, in the sunny plain of the Upper Salento, a few kilometers from the sea.

Once they have reached optimal ripeness, they are harvested by hand, in several passes, from July to August. They are then processed according to tradition. They are cut in two, slightly salted and left to dry slightly on racks in the hot Apulian summer sun. Finally, they are seasoned with aromatic herbs and wine vinegar and jars in oil, without the addition of preservatives, to preserve over time the extraordinary flavor of ripe tomatoes harvested in summer.

With a soft and delicately sweet flavor, Libera Terra Organic Apulian Cherry Tomatoes are ideal on a slice of toasted bread, to enrich salads or accompany cold cuts and cheeses.

Il Giusto / Libera Terra Pomodorini Semisecchi "Pugliesi" Bio