Carnaroli superfino-grade rice aged 22 months


Maturing for 22 months


This is the most specific operation carried out by our company. The ‘live’ grains of rice, also referred to as paddy rice,
is stored for 22 months in special ventilated silos. The seed, tending to dehydrate and become compacted, absorbs the
oils contained in the rice germ and vitamin A from the external husk, which confers a typical yellowish colour. It is
a completely natural process that enhances the characteristics of the rice grain and also gives it an exceptional capacity
for expansion during cooking.



Secular traditions combined with modern cultivation technology and storage methods, special terrains dedicated to agricultural activities and a constant focus on preserving and safeguarding the local territory with an eye to the future are some of the principle characteristics of the De Tacchi agricultural enterprise. On the company premises there are still certain structures and even farm equipment dating back to the age of the Venetian Republic, and various methods pertaining to the art of cultivation have been preserved and handed down over the centuries. Local rice-growing traditions in fact date back as far as the 16th century, when groups of nuns (‘le badesse’) at local convents became engaged in such activities on their estates, and some of their early methods and techniques are still adopted by the current generation of farmers. Such advantages allow us to create products often deemed to be unique and strongly linked to local history.

The De Tacchi agricultural enterprise directly controls all stages of the processing of its products, from planting to packaging, and fully respecting the environment and the surrounding land. Supervision and careful management of the entire production chain are essential to ensure a final product that will reflect the company’s aim to offer very high quality in the production of its rice and maize flour. Focusing on the properties of the raw materials and the transformation process is what allows us to supply our clients with very healthy products characterised by a truly authentic flavour.

De Tacchi Riso Carnaroli Superfino Stagionato 22 Mesi (22 Months Aged)

  • Veneto, Italia