Nero D' Avola wine jellies (Glutenfree)

Made from Nero D'Avola wine, the wine is brought into boiling very quickly, in order to capture the perfumes and the excellent taste of these precious wine sorts into our wine jellies.



Scyavuru was founded by three brothers in law, owner of fruit farms, closed together not only by the bond of kinship but also by the passion for agriculture; they decided to unify their sources to take on a new challenge.
The company name “Scyavuru” means in Sicilian dialect aroma, scent, fragrance.
Scyavuru’s main goal is to bring to the final customer a fresh, genuine product, using their own primary products, grown on their own fruit farms, in order to be able to control all phases of the production.

The production of marmalades, jams and wine jellies is based on family recipes, transmitted from generation to generation, adapted to the modern customer, high quality standards and innovation of the product.

Scyavuru Gelatina di Nero D' Avola 180g

  • Sicily, Italy